Finding an Anchor in a Sea of Change

Musing by Brynne Duty (@ptyogib)

"We're all just walking each other home."

These words from Ram Dass have been repeating in my heart so often these days. Their sentiment has always resonated with me, but these days it seems especially relevant. Every person we encounter as we move through these shelter-in-place framed days, whether it be from across the street on a walk, across the aisle at the grocery store, or in the virtual space, has a story, a unique set of experiences, and a unique response to our collective grief and uncertainty. No response is better than another, as even those we encounter who may lash out or be short with us, are coming from that collective unknowing. To flip that, we must also be gentle with ourselves when we find ourselves the ones lashing out. Gentleness and compassion truly are necessary, now more than ever, as we work to navigate together and leave space for our not-always-pleasant reactions. 

So how do we do that? As yogis, we are in a unique position to have many things in our toolbox. That anchored, centered place we work towards on our mat through movement, breath, and focused attention/awareness can be found off the mat as well. Finding our way can take many different shapes - meditation, a poem or quote that means something to you, any type of movement practice, 2 minutes of quiet breath in between tasks, reading a story to a young (or not so young) one, creating nourishing meals, or even just turning up the music and dancing around the living room. Anything that brings you joy can create that sense of anchoring, of connecting to that still, rooted place within yourself that allows you to more easily ride the waves without getting swept away. Sending light and love your way as we walk home together. 

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