6 Hacks for Happiness

1. Set an intentional morning routine

  • Create a morning routine where you take care of yourself FIRST before you start giving your energy to everyone and everything else. It can be as simple as starting your day with a 15 minute morning meditation.

2. Practice discernment with your financial needs

  • Once all your essential needs are met, there’s a certain point where money seems to bring no more benefits to well-being and happiness. Your happiness levels out and doesn’t increase with additional income as cited in a Princeton Study.

3. Start a meditation practice

  • Even if it is sitting for 1 minute a day. The moment in meditation allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings and choose them intentionally.

4. Widen your perspective

  • Find moments in your day to re-frame situations. Try seeing things from other people's point of view or negative experiences as an opportunity to learn and get more familiar with yourself.

5. Visualize the best version of yourself

  • See your past self as your competition and your future self as your hero. Envisioning the best version of yourself will always lead you to making better long term decisions.

6. Find Community & Nurture your relationships

  • A Harvard study has reported that the happiest people over 80 had one thing in common, great relationships and belonged to a community.

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