5 Tips for Soon To Be Fathers

Although your partner will be doing a lot of work for the next 9 months, she'll need a lot of support from her partner. Research has shown moms have a better overall pregnancy experience when their partner is actively involved. Here are some tips that will make a difference that she’ll really notice and appreciate.

  1. Actively Listen. Let your partner know that she can she can vent to you about all changes going on now (small or big changes). Sometimes venting without judgement is all she needs to feel better. Make that space for her without offering a solution until she ask. When she does ask for your thoughts, help her find information or take an afternoon off and do something fun together. And since you will be on this parenthood journey together, don’t hold back on sharing your fears, too. Speak up and express yourself. It will help relieve anxiety and stress for both of you.

  2. Take initiative. She will be tired and emotionally vulnerable too. So take some initiative and do a little more than usual. As her baby bump grows, it'll be more difficult to be mobile and do daily chores. Maybe do some meal prepping for the week, tell her she is beautiful when she leaves in the morning, or offer her a shoulder massage or foot-rub.

  3. Start packing the hospital bag for you and her. Don't forget to pack a bag for yourself. Fill it with a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, camera, & extra batteries. Have your bag stocked several weeks before the baby is due. For extra brownie points, a few surprises for your partner: her favorite snack, face mask, or comfy slippers or a robe to wear in the hospital.

  4. Make your contact list. Dad is often in charge of announcing. Make a list of people with your partner of who you would like tell. Maybe even do a draft email with all your contacts in it. Make the plan together and share the joy!

  5. Stay informed. Attend a parenting classes together. Learn about her body and baby’s development. Sign up for some pregnancy apps. This will make her feel like she is not alone in growing this baby. The more information you have, the more relaxed and confident you’ll feel about issues your partner’s health, if the baby is healthy and what to do on baby's birthday!

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