Yoga Myths Busted

You have to be flexible to do yoga

Fact: Instagram yogis definitely have fooled you into thinking that all these fancy poses is what yoga is all about. The REAL yoga is the exact opposite. Yoga is about mindful movement. It is the attitude of presence & self awareness.

Yoga is not a workout, it is only stretching

Fact: The physical part of yoga was created to have a healthy body in order to sit for seated meditation. You’ll notice when your body is unhealthy, weak, or stiff you will have a hard time sitting still on the floor. Yoga encompasses strength, flexibility, and focus depending what type of class you are attending.

Yoga is about your physical ability

Fact: People think yoga is all about being able to touch your toes & stretching. The REAL yoga is about being able to quiet the mind, calm your nervous system, and working through issues that may be blocking you from feeling peace. It is a physical and mental practice.

I should feel happy after 1 yoga class

Fact: Yoga is a practice that you must develop a discipline to do. In fact, when starting yoga you may feel worse before you feel better. Yoga helps people widen their perspective overcoming mental and emotional negativity. Anything new will require tremendous amounts of discomfort before you can see the benefits in your life.

You have to be young to do yoga

Fact: There are many yoga classes for seniors. They may include more props such as a chair to help stabilize balance.

Yoga is just for the ladies

Fact: The practice of yoga, believe it or not, was actually started by a man. Nowadays 35% of yoga practitioners in the U.S. are men and that number has been growing every year.

Doing more advance poses means you are a better yogi

Nailing a back bend, handstands, or arm balances are not signs of spiritual superiority. Yoga is about learning about yourself and how you can bring your best self to every part of your life.

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