Staying Fit While Expecting

Here are some tips to get motivated when exercising for two:

Get Moving

It is common to be tired, especially during your first trimester and not really wanting to exercises. Try to give it a shot for at least 10 minutes and save the rest of the movement for another day.

Stretch your shoulders and chest

Your bra size may have gone up and belly getting a little heavier with baby, changing your center of gravity and you may have some slumping shoulders. To improve posture and relieve back pain. Attend a prenatal yoga class to realign to your changing body

Remember to squat

Squats are really good for getting connected to your pelvic floor muscles that you will use during labor and delivery.

Build arm strength

Attend a prenatal yoga class to work on safe prenatal arm exercises. Your child will reach 10 pounds quickly so the stronger your upper body is, the easier it will be to carry baby and all baby supplies around.

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