Relieving Stress, Fear, and Boost your immune system through yoga

As we are inundated with the news and seeing the number of infections raise in America, we can't help but feel anxiety, fear due to uncertainty, and anticipation. All these negative feelings and thoughts can wreak havoc on our health. To help get a handle on this, fortify your bodies, and most importantly your minds, here is how to incorporate yoga during this time:

  • Set a boundary on work and stick to a certain time for your yoga practice. Now, most people are working from home and setting a boundary on when it ends gets harder as time and days blend. This could mean blocking your calendar for 1 hour or setting an alarm.

  • Sign up for a live virtual yoga class to hold you accountable in attending. Finding a more intimate virtual class like at Yoga Phamily, will help you connect to others and lead you through the practice of yoga with individual attention.

  • If you are not ready for a full yoga class, sign up for a free 15 minute morning guided meditation with a skilled teacher. This will help you calm the body and mind at the start of the day.

  • Set up a space that is dedicated to your practice. You can even set up an alter with a candle or something to where it signifies to you that this is where your self care begins.

Stay healthy and safe,

Yoga Phamily

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