Mindful activities you can do at home with your family

Being mindful can be hard to practice especially when you have a normal routine or in a rush. Now with our new way of life due to COVID-19, normalcy has been thrown out the window. With all the time spent at home with your family, this is a great time to start a new routine with mindfulness. Mindfulness helps us come into the present moment instead of thinking about the past or future and therefore, reducing anxiety.

Here are a few tips to tie mindfulness in your day no matter what age you are:

  • Do daily activities differently. This will take your brain off autopilot and help your cognitive abilities. It could be brushing your teeth with your left hand instead of your right.

  • Spend time in nature (but of course 6 feet away from people) and see if you can notice something beautiful.

  • Write 3 things you are grateful for daily and let the 3 things be different everyday to expand your awareness.

  • Notice your breathing. Maybe even noticing your breathe before replying to someone.

  • Give yourself 1 hour of no technology and immerse yourself in activities such as attending virtual live yoga , reading, or creating something.

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