How to create a family schedule to get at least 4 hours of work done during the Coronavirus pandemic

Working from home with children can be a struggle during the outbreak. In order to get at least four hours of work done a day, try to get the family on a schedule. This will help the kids adjust to the new way of life and a steady routine.

In the mornings, connect with your partner to go over the important things that need to get done and how to support each other each day. This can include discussing when each person will watch the kids so one of you can work or take a wellness break.

Also, make sure to schedule family activities are in your routine, such as Yoga Phamily's 30 minute virtual kid's yoga & story time together to keep spirits up.

But most importantly remain flexible. There will be days that the whole schedule will completely disappear and that is okay! Be kind to yourself and remember this is a crisis that a lot of us have never seen before and everyone is trying to figure it out one day at a time.

Here is an example of a family schedule:

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