Does your Savasana & Sleeping position matter when you are pregnant?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Good quality sleep in this busy world is hard to achieve and it gets even harder being pregnant. As you move further along in your pregnancy some of your favorite resting positions are no longer comfortable or not optimal for your baby.

Laying on your back while pregnant compresses the major vessels (inferior vena cava) that send blood flow to your baby especially during your third trimester. Studies have shown that women sleeping or resting on their backs while pregnant past 20 weeks:

  • gave birth to infants with significantly lower birth weights

  • has been linked to high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia)

  • and may have played a role in stillbirths

To avoid these potential risk, we recommend our prenatal mamas to start sleeping and resting on left side early on during your pregnancy to get used to your new resting pose. Resting on the left side is ideal as the vessel (inferior vena cava) responsible for blood flow runs along the right side of your spine and it takes the pressure off your liver and kidney.

To learn more safe and restful poses during your pregnancy join Yoga Phamily's prenatal yoga class.

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