Yoga isn't only for adults

Times are really difficult for all of us as we adjust our lives living with the pandemic. Unfortunately, children are feeling it too. They can't see their friends, no school in some areas, no birthday parties, no in person graduation celebrations, and some are just frightened. Believe it or not, a lot of adults use yoga to relieve the stress but yoga can also help children too!

Yoga Phamily Kid's Yoga
Yoga Phamily Kid's Yoga

How does yoga help children?

  • Children will gain flexibility, endurance, strength, and focus

  • Asthmatic children can improve their lung capacity with simple breathing exercises with props

  • Learn how to self regulate, self sooth, and increase patience

  • Learn compassion and understanding of yoga principles through fun stories

Help your child's wellness and mental well being by checking with them and sign them up for a live virtual yoga session where they can do yoga with other kids as well!

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