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Deep Myofascial Release Restorative Yoga

December 7th

2pm-5pm Hips & Hamstrings

December 8th 

12pm-3pm Twist & Heart Openers

$80 for 2 day enrollment

$50 for 1 enrollment

Lead by Levon Lyimo

  • Originally introduced to Yoga to treat back pain and improve mobility. Levon has studied Hatha Yoga and 200 Hour certified teacher from Shiva Yoga Peeth, in India. He has a strong practice and studied BKS Iyengar Yoga in Dehradun, India.


This 2-part workshop series will focus on the release and opening of the deep myofascial and connective tissue network within the body through various restorative postures and movements. 

The 6-hour workshop will be split over two days (weekend). On Saturday we will focus and explore the releasing of our hips & hamstrings, and on Sunday we will explore the significance of our spine and opening of the heart/chest via back-bending and twisting postures. 

The workshop will be similar to a restorative or yin styled class, however with the extra time to breakdown and understand; postures, breathing techniques, extensive prop support, how to treat injuries, and foundational theory/practical understanding of the body’s structure and relationship with the mind. A great opportunity to explore the 'boundaries' of our physical and mental capacities - or maybe (re)discovering the limitless nature of our being 

Hips & Hamstring opening 

Tight hips & hamstrings increase the load and cause overuse of the spine. In addition to the benefits of improved range of motion, mobility, circulation and reduced back pain, opening the hips & hamstrings can create an energetic shift or release as well. 

It is also said that the hips are our storage grounds for negative or unreleased feelings, tension and emotions, therefore releasing of the hips not only benefits the being physically, but also psychologically and emotionally as we lighten our entire being. 

Hip & hamstring openers are also a great counter release for the modern human who spends most of the day seated at a desk or in a car, constantly shortening and reducing mobility and flexibility in the hips. 

Twists, Backbends and Heart opening 

Twists & Backbends are integral to maintain or improve spinal health and posture. 

The benefits of chest openers are both physical and psychological. The opening of the chest symbolizes opening the heart, growing in compassion and connection to others, decreasing isolation and depression. Chest/heart openers also counteract the common postures of hunching over a computer or steering wheel. 


Benefits of this workshop: 

  • Improve flexibility and mobility

  • Relieve deep physical and emotional tension within the body/mind 

  • Learn the body's structure and significance/relationship of the hips, spine and upper body 

  • Learn how to modify/access various asanas 

  • Explore key movements/asanas for common injuries/immobility 

  • Understand basic alignment with reference to hips, spine and upper body

  • UN-learn poor mobility habits and improve muscular imbalances 

  • Balance between strengthening and releasing/flexibility around joints 

  • Have the tools and foundational knowledge about how to realign.


This workshop is open to all levels and all bodies, as we will explore various ways of accessing and modifying asanas. It is especially great for those with any lower back pain or spine/posture-related injuries, which are becoming ever more common in current times 

Whether you’ve never done a yoga class before or are a regular yogi, this workshop is a great opportunity to relieve tension in the body and mind, deepen the connection between body and mind and to tap into your being’s relaxation response, the drive that we all have to live simpler, happier lives :)