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3 Keys to Success When Working Remotely

1. Effective Communication

Make sure lines of communication with your team are now wide open. If you can, establish communication standards if management hasn't already. This could mean scheduling weekly team meetings or daily check ins. Body language and facial expression accounts for 60% of communication so try to have video calls to avoid miscommunication.

2. Create a great work environment at your home

Communicate with your loved ones or roommates what important meetings you have or things you need to get done so they can help plan their day with you. Position your desk near a window for natural light and maybe even light a candle during the work day.

3. Make time for self-care and mental health

Your best work can only be done when you take care of yourself but not in a self indulgent way but in a way where you can practice discipline. Try to create a new routine you can stick to. Maybe start a morning virtual meditation practice before you dive into work to let go of any hindering thoughts. Or end your day with a virtually led yoga class to undo all the sitting you've done all day.

Most importantly don't let fear of the pandemic and uncertainty take over your life. Keep lines of communications open, be creative, and stay focused.

Take care.


Your Yoga Phamily

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