Anne Martin


Anne Martin is an inspiring, intuitive Yoga and Pilates teacher specializing in alignment-based Vinyasa flow and Pilates Mat. An advocate of both exploration and safety, she fosters a balance between challenge and self-care while guiding students through thoughtful, fresh sequences honoring both Yoga and Pilates’ traditional fundamentals of steadiness and ease.
Approachable and empathetic, Anne adeptly motivates and affirms beginners while consistently raising the barre for experienced students. Her decades-long communications career informs her clear cueing, inspired demonstrating and attentive listening. She earned her RYT-500 certification from Yoga Tree San Francisco.

Great class! good for beginners as instructor very kind with a lot of explanation but also kept the class moving so u aren't sitting there doing nothing while she explains. i felt like i got a nice workout though not sweaty. emphasis is on form and control rather than a million reps. i will take this class again. You only need a mat.

Great workout. I am look forward to doing it again